Tony Wilson leaves the party

August 11, 2007



  1. Tony Wilson Memory

    BBC Manchester phone-in tribute:

    Host: “So, when did you first meet him?”
    Caller: “Well I met him outside Granada Studios”
    Host: “Oh! Did you ask him for his autograph or…?”
    Caller: “No, he asked me to get out the way…but it feels like a piece of Manchester has died tonight”.

  2. Well I am glad to see you on TV.To broadcast some jokes of the important people.I rarely come to the party because the young people have always avoided me.They preferred a savage party.They ran a muck in the severe world.

  3. And God said to Wilson:
    ‘Tony you did a good job. And basically you were right. Shaun (Ryder) is the greatest poet since W.B.Yeats; Joy Division were the greatest band of all time; you probably should have signed The Smiths, but you were right about Mick Hucknall. His music’s rubbish and he’s a ginger’.

    (From 24 hour party people by Tony Wilson)

    RIP Tony you will be missed.

  4. Great interview by Dave Fanning on RTE last night. He spoke with the mighty Sean Boylan – the former Meath football manager (23 years, 4 All-Irelands) who was a lifelong friend of Wilson and was there when he passed away. An interesting insight into an unlikely friendship –

  5. I heard that interview on Dave Fanning’s show. Being from Meath, I knew I recognised the voice immediately but couldn’t quite place it because of the seeming unlikeliness of the connection between the two.

    As usual, Fanning almost ruined the interview by rabbiting on about his own crap instead of letting the man tell his story.

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