Gondry’s new film on DIY Culture

August 10, 2007

This looks great, working the same side of the street as Garth Jennings’ Son Of Rambow, which is another one giving me an early case of the jollies.


  1. I adore Michel Gondry, but have an almost crippling hatred of Jack Black. It’ll be interesting to see which wins out. From the trailer, I’d say it’s 1-0 to Jack.

  2. I couldn’t dissagre more Jon above. J’adore Jack Black and will only watch this cause he’s in it. I hated the cheese fest that Spotless Mind was and that monkey film, was that even a comedy? Seriously?

  3. Spotless Mind a cheese fest? Ah! Monsieur! You have never been in love!



    why, that _is_ delightful

  5. I have indeed sir. But the object of my affetion was not Kate Winslet. I’m sure she’s lovely in real people life, but she’s so self conscious an actress i can’t take seriously anything she does.
    I also hate all these cheap slightly sci fi ideas for comedies.

    Hey! Lets give Adam Sandler a remote control that can pause and fast forward n shit it’ll be money!’
    Hey! Lets turn Jim Carrey into God!
    Hey Lets have Steve Carell build a fucking Arc!
    Hey! Lets erase a bad break up!
    Hey! Lets have a writers character come to life and every little thing she’s types oh man oh man, im buying a fucking boat on this one right now!

    Being John Malcovitch worked. It was smart. They don’t all work.

  6. If you’re comparing ‘Eternal Sunshine’ to ‘Click’ and ‘Evan Almighty, then you really do have a tin ear, or whatever the visual equivalent is called.

  7. Charlie Kaufman’s overatted.

  8. A tin eye?

  9. A brass eye?

  10. Ha! Excellent!

  11. You insult ‘Eternal Sunshine’? HOW DARE YOU, SIR?! Besides, the point is not that they erased the bad break-up or the relationship, but that despite knowing it all ended so badly that they wanted it erased, they decided to go through it again. If that is a cheesefest, then I shall pull up a cracker and tuck in.

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