I know you are, but what am I?

August 9, 2007

The wonderful Sean D.Solle (IT guy to ‘The IT Crowd’ and part of the team responsible for our L33T subtitles ) sent me the following news stories.

You suck, UK tells US.
No, you suck, US tells UK.

Come on, guys! This isn’t you! And in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, surely there’s enough suck around for everyone to share!


  1. Funny that a ‘high level of civilian casualties’ should make it difficult to ‘win over local people’.

    You’d think inflicting civilian casualties would be a fail-safe strategy for making friends.

    Certainly I’ve always found tossing a hand grenade into a crowded party a great ice-breaker.

  2. I think if we try hard enough we can pin this whole thing on the French.

  3. why did u delete my comment?

    if you explain, i will be so pleased…

  4. Edip, if you had looked at that comment in a couple of months time, you would have curled up in embarrassment. I was going to write a response to it but I thought you might prefer if it just went away.

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