Intelligent, charming television brought to you by a musician

August 7, 2007

This isn’t exactly seasonal, except in the sense that he just popped by for tea and biscuits (he says hello), but in this clip from ‘The Culture Show’, Neil Hannon explains how to write the perfect Eurovision number.


  1. Neil Hannon is truly a genius

  2. As a canadian, I feel like missing out on something truely special.

  3. I saw them once at Reading. And they won me over. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. And there aren’t many of those around these days.

  4. Hi Neil.


    There is something very endearing about Neil. And he looks like a friend of mine.

  5. Gotta love ole Neil there. But where was the sha la be dop de wow wow, nonsense lyrics in his song? A small gripe. Lovely stuff.

  6. ignore the website above, it should be myspace.com/wearebornagain. sorry.

  7. Excellent stuff

  8. I have faith that Bill Bailey will come up with an awesome song for Britain next year! Get behind him!

  9. Erm .. I’m surprised no-one mentioned that Neil Hannon wrote the music to one of the greatest Eurovision songs ever – ‘My Lovely Horse’ ..

  10. I’m so late to the party here it’s embarassing, but we really need to see more of Neil Hannon these days, I wish he came to my house for tea and biscuits….

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