Greetings From Lumania

August 4, 2007

First seen when I was an easily-worried youth, this furthered the frazzling of my brain and made me very nervous. Who were these people? What were they talking about?

Now, thanks to the Intranetra, it pops up again and I realise how funny it is. And is that really Bill Paxton?


  1. ‘They don’t wear sweaters’ was my favourite bit as a kid. Looked for this in the early days of my webway adventures but evidence was scant then. Thanks!

  2. “They’re not good dancers, they don’t play drums.”

    Fantastic. Found the following slice of uniquely Irish mentalism on youtube the other day. Have a goo:


  3. One of them was Billy Mumy out of the original Lost In Space. He also wrote some Spiderman comics, I think.

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