August 3, 2007

How about that banner illustration?!! It’s by Michael Kupperman, who is one of my absolute favourite comic artists (you have Snake and Bacon, I presume? No? Aren’t you wasting TIME? Shouldn’t you be “one-clicking” it NOW? No? Well, how about NOW?). Thank you, Michael! I am not fit to smell your car, and yet here you are.

While I try and think of what the hell I should post on this thing, please feel free to enjoy more of Michael’s work. I especially like the underpants man. And Peter Falk. And everything else.


  1. That is a very, very nice banner. That little boy looks strangely familiar…

  2. Great new look, plus the RSS feed updates will come through properly.

  3. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Superb!

  4. Might you consider the pipe and et cetera for the next Telly? Fob watch, tweed elbow, brisk fart, no shally, next scene, mind out, hop-to, here goes, and off!, righto, splendid and again, gah, bit dark, more light, no flap, right away now!, and go, super, places again, quick as you like, quick as you like.

  5. On a pedantic level, Graham, is this still a Hompendium of Dorithies?

  6. Great banner, and thanks for the introduction to Kupperman’s work — just my thing!
    The narcotic drugs killer story has a whiff of DRAGNET about. I got into DRAGNET (fifties show, not movie) recently — the filming and cutting in that thing are AMAZING, it’s like a whole different kind of storytelling from everything ever seen!
    Which kind of holds true for Kupperman also.


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